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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the most powerful storm to hit puerto rico in 80- years. tonight: the entire island.. is in the dark. now at 11:00 hurricane maria is the most powerful storm to hit puerto rico in 80 years. tonight the entire island is in the dark. >> but first the search for survivors goes on in mexico following the deadliest earthquake to hit that country in decades. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. here's the very latest out of mexico tonight. at least 230 people were killed in the 7.1 earthquake. more than 40 buildings in mexico city collapsed trapping people inside. so far more than 50 people have been pulled from the rubble alive. reporter juan fernandez is in mexico city tonight as the search for survivors moves into a second night. >> reporter: the search and rescue here continues at a vigorous pace. take a look behind me here. you can still see search and rescue watching and listening for any sounds coming from the rubble.
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in a radi movi moundags ait tin concrete and steel and then arms up, a moment of silence, all in hopes of hearing signs of life buried in what was once a six-story building. it's what this woman is hoping for. her brother-in-law she says eric martin is believed to be trapped in the rubble alive. as far as we know, he's alive she tells me. so she's here to do what she can. she and her friend spent the evening passing out coffee and sweet rolls to search teams. we are all united she says. since we can't help in the search, we help making search fanos feel bettsser omr t brought these two friends to offer a lending hand. they live in the neighborhood. this is a tragedy that is uniting us said oscar lozano. we don't know each other, but
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it could have been my brother. despite it all there have been moments of hope. 10 miles south of here a life and death struggle continues to free a trapped girl inside the collapsed enrique elementary school. crews made contact with the 12- year-old girl around midday. she's talking and has oxygen and water after being trapped for 36 hours. earlier today a boy and girl were pulled through a crack in the wall. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: this young boy says he escaped by crawling over a pile of concrete after the main exit of his school was blocked by falling bricks, but they're the lucky ones of 25 classmates and teachers died there. you might be wondering how did these crews do it continuing to work for hours and s urend?ho ll, i'm told they're switched out every four hours so that they stay fresh throughout evening. in mexico city i'm juan
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fernandez, kpix5. a sacramento area firefighter says on his way to mexico city. roberto padilla lived through the 1985 earthquake there as a young boy. now he hopes his 22 year career as a first responders will help those in his home country. d save someo ." padilla is >> i have family members that they literally had schools right front of their homes collapse and there's children trapped. i can't sit here, watch tv and write a echavek the skills that could save somebody's life. >> padilla is on his flight right now set to touch down in mexico city by sunrise. he joins other california groups mobilizing tonight. meanwhile travelers stranded at mexico city's airport are making their way back to the bay area. we spoke to a san jose family who felt the shaking just south of mexico city. including american and >> it's pretty terrifying at the beginning. people started screaming, running. so that sort of freaked me out even more. everything started to crunch
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together. tiles fell from the ceiling. tiles crashed like just broken on the floor fell off a wall. >> a number of airlines are waiving change fees on flights to mexico including american and united as long as you rebook before the 23rd. now to the natural disaster in the caribbean, hurricane maria pummeled puerto rico. sco the huicane warng for the s dinifit ofalci island, but the threat isn't over yet. betty yu shows us the damage. >> liz, that's right. this hurricane knocked out power to more than 3 million people in puerto rico. the governor said the electricity could be out for months. tonight a dusk to dawn curfew is in effect. blinding rain and 155 mile-per- hour winds tore across the island this morning. the downpours turned streets into rivers, flooded this highway in san juan, left some cars submerged.
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maria made landfall on puerto rico's southeast coast as a category 4 hurricane. the storm ripped roofs off buildings. it peeled patio fences off of homes. parts of the island could see up to 25 inches of rain raising the threat of mudslides. >> there's a lot of flooding. there's a lot of infrastructure damage, but the only thing that should matter right now that is people stay safe that, we can save lives and we'll start the rebuilding. >> reporter: more than 3 million people live in puerto rico. about 11,000 of them spent last night in hurricane shelters. >> i passed through hurricanes, but this one is going to be very hard. >> reporter: the storm even knocked out two of the national weather service's radars on the island. >> this is the most devastating storm either in a ceor quite frankly, in modern history. >> reporter: the dare bean island of dominica also took a direct hit from maria. the storm killed at least seven people there. authorities say maria damaged
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at least 70% of the buildings there. of puerto rico. stay safe! tonight president trump tweeted to governor ricardo rosello we are with you and the people of puerto rico. stay safe. puerto rico is asking for generators to be is upped from the mainland to help re-- shipped from the mainland to help restore power. so far there are no reports of any deaths on the island. betty yu, kpix5. nasa satellites are tracking hurricane maria from space. here's a look at the eye of the yostm.orm n is closing in on the dominican republic. the caribbean nation closed most of its ports today and cana international airport canceled all of its flights. kpix5's meteorologist paul deanno is tracking its path. >> the latest information from the hurricane center just came in and maria very quickly has already returned to major hurricane status. it weakened as it moved over
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the island of puerto rico. it's getting stronger once again making a dangerous password the dominican republic dealing with wind gusts 100 to 150 miles per hour now, category 3 storm with winds of 130 miles per hour moving northwest taking it very close to the turks and caicos and southern bahamas as a major hurricane. it takes a turn to the right, to the north and eventually northeast that will likely keep the center of maria not hitting the u.s. coastline. that said anyone from south carolina up to long island needs to watch the storm. if it stays on the western flank of that five-day forecast cone, it may impact those states directly, but maria moving over the dominican republic tonight into the bahamas coming up tomorrow. back to you. tonight those who have family and friends in puerto rico are waiting for word that they made it out okay. kpix5's maria medina is in san jose with how some are turning their anxiety into a good cause.
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>> and it's like i'm trying to be optimistic, but i haven't heard from anyone. >> reporter: all katherine ramos can do is wait by her phone and hope for a call or a message. >> there's not phones in everybody's houses and a lot of people may not have a cell phone. so it'just been difficult not to be able to talk to anybody. >> reporter: since hurricane maria made landfall in puerto rico wiping out its entire power grid, katherine has watched the images of the devastation left behind. >> that's terrible. i knew of it coming, but i didn't think it was going to be this, what you're seeing on tv today. >> i'm trying to stay positive because no news doesn't mean bad news. >> reporter: standing by her side is johnny seldevia who also tried unsuccessfully to reach family. both he and katherine are part of the port an civic club -- puerto rican civic club of san jose. >> tried calling them, but the phone doesn't even ring.
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we have to do something. they'll need all our help. >> reporter: the civic club is >> we're focusing on the poor communities. >> reporter: as they wait for word on their own families, they say they'll be ready to help when the calls finally come. >> i know that we'll get through this and year going to rebuild and be stronger than ever, as we always are. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix5. tonight two bay area cities are suing some of the toward's biggest oil companies over climate change. san francisco and oakland filed separate lawsuits. they claim the companies not only caused the sea level to rise, but did it knowingly. those companies include bay area-based chevron, conocophillips, exxon mobil, shell and bp. both cities are asking for billions in coensation for past and future flooding, coastal erosion and property damage. >> many fossil fuel companies were aware of these effects. it continued to choose pro.s at
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the expense of residents. -- profits at the expense of residents. >> just like big tobacco, big oil knew the truth long ago. >> officials say public and private properties along the bay are in jeopardy. the lawsuit is similar to litigation against big tobacco companies in the '80s. tonight the russia investigation has set its sights on twitter. the social media giant said it will neat with the senate intelligence committee next -- meet with the senate intelligence committee next week. the committee has been scrutinizing the spread of false news stories during the 2016 election. the panel has already heard from facebook. tonight senate republicans say their new healthcare plan may be their best chance for getting rid of obamacare. veronica de lacruz explains what's in the graham-cassidy bill. >> i think there's tremendous support for it. i think it's actually much better than the previous shot which was very sadly let down. >> republican senators lindsey
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graham and bill cassidy co- wrote the plan. it would eliminate the subsidies making health insurance cheaper for people under the affordable care act and it wod gito vecreate their own healthcare system. >> we keep the taxes in place, but we give it to different people with more flexibility. >> the bill would also keep some of obamacare's taxes, but people with preexisting conditions could end up paying more for healthcare and it would end federal funding and expansion of medicare. >> it's certainly frustrating to have to mobilize every couple of months to keep our leaders from inflicting real human suffering on our constituents. >> republicans can only afford to lose two votes and still pass the bill. so far kentucky senator rand paul says that he cannot support the measure. several others are still undecided. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. california senator dianne feinstein tweeted, "there's one constant in every republican healthcare bill, devastating
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cuts to medicaid. it's indefensible." according to a study by avaleir health, a consulting firm, the bill would lead to an overall $215 billion cut to state's federal funding through insurance through 2026. california and new york would face the deepest reductions. this bay area teacher was shot and killed. police call it a senseless homicide, tonight the surveillance video that they want you to see. >> this conservative speaker is spearheading free speech week, but tonight the event is full of uncertainty. so who is really going to show up? >> worried about someone stealing your credit card information? tonight a bay area company explains how your phone could be the secret to security. (dog panting)
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. it has been three months since a bay area father was murdered outside a san francisco area nightclub and tonight kpix5's joe vazquez has some new surveillance video that police want you to see. >> reporter: this surveillance video was taken just moments before the homicide in the early morning hours of june 18th. police say these three people on the sidewalk are persons of interest in the murder of 31- year-old carlo tateo, a man described by police and family as a role model who mentored young people. >> every homicide is tragic, but this homicide is senseless and we are seeking the public's help. >> reporter: carlo was standing here on folsom street near 11th outside the holy cow night club. investigators say he didn't know the two men who began to harass some of the female members of his group. >> mr. tateo asked them to stop bothering the females an d keas
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without any provocation one of the suspects produced a firearm and shot mr. tateo tragically killing him. >> give me a minute. i just want the public to know that we need your help. >> he worked at a recreational center in east oakland where he helped troubled teens in the area. he was also working at skyline high school as a pe teacher. he was going to be the offensive coordinator for the senior varsity football team. >> reporter: carlo leaves behind a young daughter and girl friend and loving family who hoped these images lead to an arrest and closure. >> if you recognize someone, please make a phone call. we don't want this to happen to another family. judge to >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix5. the man accused of running over two san leandro police officers faced a judge today.
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57-year-old terry gordon faces several charges including attempted murder and assault. police say they were trying to stop gordon after he allegedly stole from a safeway store over the weekend. they say gordon ran to his car and struck the officers as he was driving away. the officers were taken to the hospital for treatment. tonight gordon is held at the santa rita jail in dublin. free speech week at uc is this weekend, so who rkisel in e who is out? kpix5's christin ayers tried to get wh uswill be speaking on campus for free speech week and it'sjust four days out. now the student organizing the event is claiming discrimination and calling for the department of justice to step in. the complaint for the attorneys representing the berkeley patriots group said the situation at uc berkeley has become downright physically dangerous the past year for conservative students and urges the department of justice to
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open an investing into whether uc berkeley and its key administrators are systemically and intentionally violating civil rights of our clients. >> people who are saying we've treated this particular student group differently, they're right because not in anybody's recent memory have so many people spent so much time trying to support a small student group in holding successful events. >> reporter: uc berkeley's spokeman wouldn't comment on the complaint which he said he hasn't seem, but he said the university has tried to -- seen, but he said the university has tried to work with the berkeley patriots only to have the group miss deadlines and fail to provide a full list of speakers. on facebook ultra conservative milo yiannopoulos said that ann coulter and others were confirmed on their end but provided no proof. >> we asked them to show e- mails, a signed contract,
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anything to give us confidence they are coming and to date they've been unable to do that for all but five speakers. >> reporter: he said it's a far cry from last week's speech by conservative pundit ben shapiro which he said was peaceful because organizers communicated openly with the organization insuring security was tight. >> we can't be slowed down. too much is at stake in terms of security of our community. >> reporter: in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix5. the sale of the mavericks is one step closer to reality tonight. the fate of this big wave surf competition near half moon bay has been up in the air since january after the previous organizer filed for bankruptcy, but now a federal judge ruled that organizer, cartel management, can sell a multi- year permit to the world surf league. the price tag? $525,000. the san mateo county harbor district still needs to approve the transfer of the perm. huge waves crashed at ocean beach this arch and expect to
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see more of this -- afternoon and expect to see more of this tomorrow. the national weather service issued an alert for 20-foot surfs. this afternoon the coastguard was out to make sure no surfers were swept away in this current, paul. yeah. the high surf advisory did expire at 9:00 tonight, but above average surf is likely tomorrow, a little sign we are moving toward fall. it is 61 degrees outside in livermore, 60 in santa rosa, 63 in san jose and 64 currently in concord. we are clearing out. it will be a chilly night tonight, yet another sign that fall is close. it officially arrives at two minute after 1:00 on friday. tomorrow the final full day of summer. it will not feel like that tomorrow morning. napa 49 degrees, concord 54, san jose 54, oakland and san francisco 55. for some of you in the north bay the first time since may you've fallen below 50 degrees. a fall like low pressure area in the pacific northwest is bringing rainfall as close as lake tahoe right now, maybe some high elevation snow governor 8 or 9,000 feet.
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this guy is grabbing air from british columbia in alberta wrapping around the low pressure area and moving into the bay area. that's why temperatures were chilly today and it was cloudy, breezy and why tomorrow even when sunshine returns, temperatures will stay 5 to 12 deee erfos r cothgre santola clara v also san mateo county. watch for a chance of a few sprinkles up toward ben louz plants. tomorrow morning it will be brisk and breezy and sunshine won't feel as strong. heading toward the weekend here comes a ridge of high pressure that will build in, milder weather saturday and sunday, but tomorrow will be kind of chilly. some inland cities drop to the 40s overnight tonight. we trend sunnier and warmer into the weekend. 80 is the normal high for san jose. tomorrow only 71. union city sunshine, breezy, 68 degrees, san ramon 69 degrees, pittsburg 72 and sunshine, san
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rafael 68, sonoma 72 degrees and ukiah 70 degrees for a high tomorrow. extended forecast, back to the 80s inland, around 70 near the bay and 90s once again ek. aw september is strange. we can feel cold and obviously can get very hot and we'll see both. do you worry about someone stealing your credit card information? tonight a bay area company explains how your cell phone can protect you. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert.
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ea company say well, your credit card information, how do you keep it away from hackers? there's an app for that now. >> a bay area company says all you have to your card on your phone and it's pretty simple. using the app called card controls, you decide where your card can be used. it can be a certain city, geographical area or even a radius around your phone's location. if the transaction is within the approved area, you're good,
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but if your card is used elsewhere, it's declined. >> it's a step to stopping the bad guys. i'm more in control of where it can be. so my card becomes less usable for a fraudster than a card which is open for use anywhere. >> crooks typically use a stolen card seven times before the bank detects fraud, but with the app customers are notified after the first try. 3,000 banks and credit unions around the country now use the technology. what does 49er head coach kyle shanahan eat the night before a game? i'm dennis o'donnell and derek carr probably got a free bowl of soup with his denim jacket. the question is why is he wearing it? we took you to the top of mount umunhum where a former cold radar site is now a public park with sweeping views of silicon valley. >> there's a whole new set of trails and weather shelters.
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>> thanks to three decades of hard work by a local open space district. >> we were created really to protect the greenbelt, to protect the natural environment. >> expect original reporting ♪ ♪ ♪
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tonight..pitcher daniel mengden the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. oking to hit a home run >> i got a couple streaks magdtoen note for the a's extended his pitching streak to six innings. bad news, olson's streak ended in detroit today. he'll look to start a new one friday at home. marcus simien picked up the slack, two-run shot in the 7th.
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the a's have now won 11 of their last 14 games sweeping the flyers. they're still getting good crowds because they're giving free pizza. brandon crawford going on this pitch, solo job over -0 thtt e moore picks up victory n 6 against 14 losses. > the beat goes on for yasiel puig and the dodgers losing the lead to the dreadful phillies in the 8th and in the 9th puig robbed at the wall to end the game. dodgers have lost 20 of 25. they still have yet to clinch the national league west. derek carr doesn't do many commercials, but his latest is a goldmine. have a listen. ♪ i need a bank i can trust ♪ ♪. >> the lip syncing spot for a credit union in fresno. nothing from the video was kept
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as a souvenir, especially the jacket. >> i didn't keep it, no, gosh, no. as soon as i walked in and we had our little dressing rooms, me and my brother looked at that jacket and i was like i really home that's not the one -- hope that's not the 1 and sure enough, it was. the 49ers and rams play tomorrow night at levi's stadium and the night before every game even at home the team stays in a hotel and it sounds like coach kyle shanahan is in hog heaven. >> usually the night before the game i get the most sleep. i do an offensive meeting at 8:30 and talk to the team at 9:00. by the time that ends i get a snack, get some buffalo wings, fries and turn on a movie in my hotel room and fall asleep about 30 minutes into it. >> i think i might try wheaties with muscle milk. we'll be right back.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news you good nig the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow
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morning at 4:30. >> we'll see you then. have a great evening! captioning sponsored by cbs >> republican ?raertz pushing for a new health care bill to be passed by next week. last spring, republicans brought you "night of the living bill." now get ready for the horrifying, terrifying sequel: "dawn of the bill." we thought our health care nightmearas t death of the american health care act. but the dead have returned. >> it gets up and kills. >> "dawn of the bill." starring lindsey graham of south skaraloina, and mitch


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